Impossible? WE JUST BEET IT.

Our new Unbeetable Burger is made-from-scratch and layered with flavor and benefits to match.

Unbeetable Burger

If you ask us, not all veggie burgers are created equal. Grown from the ground up, we start ours with a made-from-scratch beet & kuzu patty, packed full of anti-inflammatory benefits with sweet & savory flavor. We top that with a brush of teriyaki sauce to give it a slight kick, jicama slaw and butter lettuce for some added crunch, and finish it off with creamy avocado, vegan mayonnaise and our classic flaxseed bun.

Plant-Based &  Protein-Packed

Hear first-hand from brand chef, Robert McCormick, about what makes our new vegan burger truly unbeetable.

Watercolored beets

No meat. Just Beet.

And a few more nutrient-dense friends.

The goal was simple: create a plant-based burger that will be better for your taste buds and your body. That’s why we turned to nutritional powerhouse ingredients like roasted beets, added in chickpeas to boost protein and leveraged the medicinal benefits of kuzu root to craft a burger that leaves you feeling energized. Sounds pretty Unbeetable, right?

The Deets on Beets

This hearty root vegetable boasts an impressive nutritional profile making it a staple fall ingredient.

  • Rich source of dietary nitrates which aid in improving blood flow and reduce blood pressure
  • Helps boost athletic performance from the nitrates that improve the efficiency of mitochondria
  • Benefits liver function, making the organ work more efficiently and help to rid the body of toxins

The  Kuzu Cure

Introduced to us by Dr. Andrew Weil, Kuzu is an ancient Japanese root that’s full of medicinal properties:

  • Most commonly used to treat minor indigestion and symptoms of the common cold
  • Helps reduce high blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, relieve chronic migraines, and ease muscular tension
  • Reduces the risk of a variety of health concerns including cancer, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases