1. Why did True Food Kitchen change the True Rewards loyalty program?

It’s important for us to provide the best experience possible for our guests, and part of that is evaluating and responding to your needs. Our upcoming loyalty community, True Insider, will tap into our nutritional knowledge to inform exciting experiences. We’re in the process of creating a group that will enrich your life and help you feel your best.

We will continue to send “surprise and delight” offers to our guests, but we’ll do it with more of your needs and dining history in mind. Our new partnership with Sparkfly enables us to better serve you an array of offers and experiences that align with True Food’s mission and values. So instead of earning points on dining, we’ll curate content that we think will impact your life, host virtual and in-person experiences that teach you something new, and develop special merchandise and partnerships to reward you for being fans of True.

True Food Kitchen is not just a restaurant, we’re built on the backbone of nutritional science. Our founder, Dr. Andrew Weil, is a world-renowned doctor of integrative medicine and the creator of the anti-inflammatory food pyramid. We have a lot of knowledge concerning food integrity, health, and ways to live better, so we’re making ourselves available to our community by changing what benefits we provide. By hosting a community for like-minded fans and guests, we’re focusing on how to live out our mission of eating better, feeling better, and living better so everyone can learn and grow together.

2. What is Sparkfly?

  • Sparkfly is our digital offers management provider that creates compelling promotions for guests of True Food Kitchen. These offers can only be redeemed at True Food Kitchen and can be accessed by signing up for a True Insider account.
  • Sign up and reset your account information here.

3. Do I need to register any of my information or create an account?

  • Yes, if you are a current loyalty member of True Rewards you will need to start a new account with True Food Kitchen. We are bringing over your active rewards as part of our one-time migration from Spendgo to the Sparkfly platform.
  • Sign up for a new True Insider account. You will receive an email with detailed instructions on next steps.

4. How do I reset my password?

5. Will all my rewards/points transfer to Sparkfly?

  • Any rewards (including birthday dessert, welcome offers, and $15 rewards) that were active in your current loyalty account by November 6, 2022 have been replicated and re-rewarded on November 7, 2022.
  • If there were any points in your account (1-149) ahead of November 6, we have issued you a special one-time offer to acknowledge the earnings you had in progress. These rewards will all be one-time use only and will be valid until December 31, 2022.
  • Starting on November 7, we will not continue offering rewards and points based on spend. Any future offers that are delivered to your account will come from Sparkfly and will be determined on a “surprise and delight” basis to better serve you based on your interests, dining habits, and more.

6. How do I become a True Insider?

  • You can sign up to be a True Insider and apply any offers you’ve received starting on November 7. With a True Food Kitchen account, you will also have access to see your online order history, view your reservation history, and update your preferences so that we can send you stories and updates via email or text message that interest you the most. Reset your password here.

7. Will I continue to upload my receipts?

  • No. Starting on November 7, 2022, we will discontinue points earning and you will not continue to upload receipts to receive points. You may still receive offers from True Food Kitchen throughout the year, but you will no longer earn points on dollars spent at the restaurant.

8. Where did my points and rewards go?

  • All rewards earned by November 6, 2022 were transferred over to your new True Food Kitchen account. All active rewards earners were sent an email with instructions on how to create a new account login and password to access the historic rewards. All rewards that were made available in the new account are valid and will expire on December 31, 2022. If you did not receive this email communication, please reach out to team True HERE so we can assist you.
  • Guests that had an active point balance under 150 also received a reward in place of the points balance being carried over. Moving forward, offers will be sent at different times from True Food Kitchen, but they will not be earned with in-restaurant spend.
  • True Food Kitchen is transforming the loyalty platform to be a health and wellness community. We are transitioning away from traditional points earning and instead offering new benefits and experiences that celebrate True Food Kitchen’s mission.

9. Will “surprise and delight” and personalized experiences have expiration dates?

  • Yes. Similar to our True Rewards program, any offers sent out will continue to have unique expiration dates and valid periods. Any offer you receive will contain that information and you can always log into your account to see each offer detail.

10. How will my visits be captured?

  • After True Rewards is retired on November 7, 2022, visits will not be uploaded to your account for points earning. If you log into your new account, you will be able to view your dining history via past reservations made and see any past online orders you’ve placed.

11. Is the True Food Kitchen app for ordering only?

  • The True Food Kitchen app is primarily for placing online orders. As we improve the app in the future, we will let guests know about new features and exciting upgrades.

12. How do I update personal information?

    • If you would like to update any of your preferences or similar information, please log into your True Food Kitchen account online and resubmit any information that you would like changed.

13. Does Sparkly have a loyalty app?

  • No, Sparkfly does not have a loyalty app. The new account sign-up is managed by True Food Kitchen and gives you first access to all the news, offers, and special experiences offered by us.

14. Can experiences and offers be combined?

    • A guest may not redeem more than one offer at any time on a check, either in-restaurant or ordering online. Guests who have signed up for special experiences may receive an offer as part of that experience and will be able to use it based on the terms and conditions presented at the time. Please make sure to check the terms and conditions listed to understand any redemption suggestions or limitations.

15. If I miss an offer/experience, can it be reinstated?

    • Every offer sent to a guest will have a noted valid period and set expiration date. Please make sure you are opted into any email and text messages from True Food Kitchen to ensure that you receive reminder notifications leading up to an offer’s expiration date. We will not be able to reinstate offers once they have expired. In many cases an experience is also available on a limited-time basis, so please check any terms and conditions or communication details for instructions on how to successfully take advantage of an experience.

16. Did you used to have a True Insider loyalty program?

  • Yes, a few years ago True Food Kitchen’s loyalty rewards program was named True Insider. We’ve brought back the name but we’re offering a completely updated experience, available starting in January 2023. We will not offer tiers for spend or rewards based on points collection again. Check your inbox throughout the next few months to find out more details about the new True Insider program coming!