Hurry in to savor our hormone-free, antibiotic-free, gluten-free chicken!

We perfected our recipe! You can now enjoy our 12-hour herb-brined, hand breaded, and air-friend delicacy, crisped to perfection in avocado oil chicken dishes. Available for a limited time at select locations!

Chicken Tender Plate Entrée

three hand-breaded tenders served with kale slaw. served with choice of one sauce awesome sauce, hot honey, hella ranch

Buffalo Chicken Ranch Salad, GF

mixed greens, roasted sweet potato, sunflower seeds, avocado, cherry tomato, cucumber, cotija cheese GF

Spicy Korean Chicken Sandwich

house-made pickles, korean bbq sauce, kale slaw, flax seed bun, served with kale slaw. make it GF with a GF bun.

Kids Chicken Tender Plate, GF

two hand-breaded tenders, served with herb hummus & rainbow carrot served with choice of one sauce: TFK sauce, korean bbq, blueberry bbq, chili garlic ranch, thai basil aioli, hatch chili ranch GF

Only Available At

Biltmore, AZ | Houston, TX | Woodlands, TX | Jacksonville, FL | Kansas City, MO | Arlington, VA | Edison, NJ | Garden City, NJ |
Additional locations coming soon